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Our impact

Inventors’ School

Quantitative indicators:

  • 2500 students from five public schools in the Cono Sur of Lima, Peru, benefited from workshops and activities to develop creativity and inventiveness. 
  • 200 teachers from Lima and Chimbote (Peru) trained with innovative educational methodologies. 
  • 4200 residents of three rural communities in Lima, Peru, benefited from social inventions that have improved their systems of water for human consumption and irrigation tech.

Qualitative indicators:

  • People with disabilities who are using our technology for inclusion have increased their mobility and autonomy. This has helped to improve their mood, self-esteem, and their family relationships.
  • Users of our technology have reduced their risk of accidents.

Technology for Inclusion

Quantitative indicators:

  • 500 disabled persons have benefited directly and indirectly with mechanized technical aids designed by Inventing Peru. 
  • 2 innovative prototypes placed in the domestic market: The mechanical chair to climb stairs and the lift for the disabled. These products have been described as innovative by the National Institute for Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property, Peru (INDECOPI)
  • 20 personas capacitadas en el diseño e implementación de nuevas tecnologías.

Indicadores cualitativos:

  • Las personas discapacitadas que están usando nuestra Tecnología para la inclusión, han aumentando su autonomía en la movilidad y esto ha contribuido a mejorar su estado de ánimo y autoestima, así como la relación con sus familiares.
  • Users of our technology have reduced their risk of accidents.

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