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For teachers

At Inventing Peru we believe that a change of strategy is urgently needed to improve the quality of education in Latin American countries. This strategy should of course involve teachers, who are essential to the education of future generations and, in one way or another, mold our countries’ future.

Official statistics (in Peru) show that students don’t know how to put everything they are taught into practice, and only between 2% and 4% of students understand what they read. The way our children and young people are taught in public schools has somewhat neglected the practical side of education, having become too abstract and encyclopedist.

We must recover the practical side of education, teach our boys and girls to be ready to face the challenges of the real world, and show them that the contents of the courses they are taking can be applied practically. We can achieve this by incorporating different elements into teaching methods, such as games and special activities that don’t necessarily require a great deal of money. We have to be creative.

We recognize the importance of money within education reform, from better-paid teachers to a satisfactory infrastructure. Nonetheless, we have to do something. We mustn’t wait for ideal conditions to begin working on changes that will lead us to improve the quality of education in Peru and in all other Latin American countries.

In some cases, the education problem isn’t even related to money. Many parents of families with some financial means not only do everything they can to send their children to the ‘best school’ and invest a great deal of money in art and science classes, but there are even those who believe that if a child practices everything, they will be able to do it all when they are older. But such accomplishment doesn’t always do the child a lot of good. Though it would appear to offer them an upbringing overflowing with opportunities, in many cases it deprives them of an essential way of learning: that which comes from spontaneous play. This stimulates creativity and boosts children’s mental and emotional competence.

For this reason, we at Inventing Peru encourage the development of technological creativity through play. We have developed ground-breaking teaching materials based on the official Curricular Structure that complement the theoretical knowledge children attain in their regular classes.

Our materials consist partly of working models of history’s great inventions, built using everyday resources that are easy to obtain. With these resources you can teach your students such subjects as history, geography, science and technology.

We want to share our materials and methods with you to apply in your classes. That way they will be more fun and enjoyable not only for your students, but for you too. But best of all is that your students will learn more.

We invite you to visit our section build your own invention where you will find the construction manuals to put together your own teaching materials along with the theoretical principles linked to each one.

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